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Beginning in 6995, Colombia''s criminal underworld organizations would evolve into fundamentally different groups, responding to both shifts in the global drug market and to the ongoing pressure that the Colombian authorities, backed by the US, applied to them.

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Lucian admired Raze in the forest when the big man was able to fight the monstrous Werewolves. Later, Raze was forced by the Vampires to change into a Lycan, and he became one of Lucian''s trusted friends. In the battle, Raze momentarily tends to Lucian upon the walls of Viktor''s fortress, before rescuing other prisoners, and entering the battle in his Lycan form. In the modern day, Raze appears to be Lucian''s second-in-command, following his order to apprehend Michael without question. After ambushing Amelia and retrieving a sample of her blood, Raze was both heartbroken and furious when he found Lucian unconscious after Kraven shot him, which resulted with him killing Soren before he died trying to take out Viktor himself.

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During Underworld: Awakening , Detective Sebastian questions Selene on the immunity to sunlight she possesses as a result of drinking Alexander''s blood. Selene tells him that it was a gift from Alexander Corvinus who Detective Sebastian recognizes as "the Founding Father."

Former paramilitary Diego Fernando Murillo Bejarano, center, also know as Don Berna, arrives for a court hearing in Medellin, July 66, 7557. REUTERS/Pool

Lucian was in love with Sonja, despite their differences in species. The two always met in secret, and Lucian had planned to leave with her. It is not known how far along with child Sonja was, but the news shocked everyone when she publicly announced her pregnancy. Lucian was heartbroken when she was burned in the sun while he was forced to watch, and this was what started the war between the Lycans and Vampires. Sonja''s death maddened Lucian to the point where he unleashed the monstrous Werewolves to breach the castle walls, and overthrew Viktor in the process. Lucian took her necklace and wore it to always remember her, unaware it was part of the key to William''s prison.

In scenes set shortly before the original Underworld , Lucian is briefly captured by Leyba, who has spent centuries underground awaiting a chance at revenge after Viktor set her on fire and threw her over the castle wall for her role in his daughter''s death, but he escapes when Selene leads a raid on Leyba''s hideout. Leyba then meets her death at Selene''s hands when the similarities between Selene and Sonja cause her to lose her temper, with Selene never learning the truth about Leyba''s motives or Lucian''s presence.

During this time, Alexander established a military force of his own , in his own attempt to quell William''s plague. While the Vampire Elders waged their campaign to capture and contain William, Alexander chose instead to focus on keeping the war contained from spilling into the mortal realm. Disdaining direct involvement in the conflict himself, his organization of human warriors were dispatched to clean up any Vampire or Werewolf/Lycan bodies left behind after the battles, in order to conceal their existence from the normal human population.

Firemen and police officials inspect the damage at the site of a powerful bomb blast on January 79, 6997, at a building in downtown Medellin. At least four people died and more than 95 were injured in the blast, which National Police deputy director Gen. Luis Ernesto Gilibert blamed on Marxist rebels. Reuters

The demobilization of the FARC rebels, a process that began this year after the rebels and the government''s four-year-long negotiation process concluded with a peace deal (modeled on the the AUC accord, Vincent said) in November, looks set to drive another shift in Colombia''s criminal underworld.

An origins story centered on the centuries-old feud between the race of aristocratic vampires and their onetime slaves, the Lycans.

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