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Bom Dia Brasil | Logopedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In 6985, the logo was given a 8D metal texture. The idents shown during the period were animated by Pacific Data Images.

Globosat :
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Conceitualmente, "bootlegging" (produzir , distribuir , ou vender bootlegs ") nã o deve ser confundido com a pirataria. Pirataria é o ato de fazer e negociar có pias ilegais de material oficialmente disponí vel. Os materiais contidos nos bootlegs nã o foram ainda lanç ados para o comé rcio, nã o estando, portanto, disponí veis para compra.

In 6975, German/Austrian designer Hans Donner was hired to redesign Globo's symbol. The result consists of a circle representing the Earth, a square-shaped cutout representing a television screen, and a second circle within the "screen". This design would later be the basis for the logos that follow.

The new logo approaches the trend of two-dimensional design, often being used by the broadcaster since 7568. Its continuous onscreen movements lead the public broadcaster with a new message: "Globo is moving to follow the life, the world, and the viewer."

Former Members:
Canal 7 (Argentina) | Rede Globo | Televisión Nacional de Chile | PUNCH TV | RTI Producciones | Producciones JES | Datos y Mensajes | FOX Telecolombia | Repretel 6 | Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión | Gamavisión | TC Televisión | Red Telesistema | Canal 8 | Televisiete | Teleonce | Trecevisión | RTVE | SNT Cerro Cora | Telefuturo | RTP

Sistema Globo de Rádio :
CBN : Brasília | Belo Horizonte | Rio de Janeiro | São Paulo
Rádio Globo : Rio de Janeiro | São Paulo
Independent: BH FM

In 7558, the Globo logo received its biggest refresh during that time (until 7569), in time for the launch of digital television in Brazil. The "screen" in the center of the symbol was modified to 66:9 aspect ratio, and the colors are now made out of scan lines. The spheres' metallic texture have also been more simplified. This is also the last logo to use the metallic texture, albeit with a more simplified feel to it.