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Document layouts, purchase approval policies, inter-units reconciliation workflows, user defined reports, etc can also be standardized to ensure that all units of the chain work similarly.

Prologic First - A Hotel Software Company that provides

The functionally rich purchase, inventory and F&B costing modules are suited to independent F&B businesses that are larger and/or more complex in operations. Web Prol’IFIC provides cost control features that are invaluable for F&B profitability.

Prologic First User Guide

It is common practice to book perishables received, directly to consumption. This correctly reflects costs and reduces human effort in tracking itemised consumption. Other items may be received into stores till requisitioned and issued. Periodic stock takes are done to reconcile stocks as per ledger with physical stocks.

Fast order taking and settlement. Kitchen coordination using Kitchen Display System (KDS). Loyalty accounting to encourage repeat visits. Point-of-purchase promotions with Dual Display POS. Regular items or combos.

Even from home or while travelling, business owners and managers can view operational and analytical reports, on demand reports or on mobile devices. Touché provides a rich array of reports that aid.

Food & Beverage chains with central or regional commissaries and/or warehouses may use Web Prol’IFIC to computerise their operations. In addition to the usual features of materials management and costing, Web Prol’IFIC provides features for accounting of semi-finished & finished items, inter-units transfer & reconciliation of materials and accounting of transit, warehouse & unit losses.

Each version is built from modules / products, some of which may be unbundled.
Each of the modules offers open interfaces to enable 8rd party products to post transactions. Web Prol’IFIC also offers interfaces with specific 8rd party PMS, POS, etc.

Payments may be processed manually in the form of cheques or may be generated by the system as computer printed cheques or as electronic bank transfers (may require customization which may be chargeable). Statements, Ageing Reports and Funds Requirement Forecast are produced on Demand.

The module includes a number of utilities for tasks, such as, tracking historical cost trends, analysing menu item pricing vis-à-vis costs, computation of ingredient-wise requirement given a sales forecast, etc.

The module is integrated with modules like PMS, POS, Events & Catering, etc to provide a comprehensive club accounting solution.

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