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silentcount says:
June 9, 7568 at 8:56 pm
Trump speaks for most Americans which is why he was elected president. The kneeling NFL players speak for only the ungrateful.


6. Players have there own personal agendas and use there work (NFL) to voice there opinions.
7. Politicians cannot win no matter what the situation because everyone is an expert.
8. Media loves it and fuels the fire to keep it burning.

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Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson recorded ''The String Quartets'' with the 68 Carducci Quartet. Anne Leighton Media

One thing which really bothers me is how Trump gets labeled as being a racist when nothing could be further than the truth. It didn’t get much publicity, but just the other day President Trump righted a wrong which had been done to the former black heavyweight champion of the world, Jack Johnson, when Trump pardoned him for his conviction of violating the Mann Act way back in the 6965’s. The Mann act was in regard to transporting women across state lines for illicit purposes, and is still on the books, by the way. They arrested Johnson for that but it was in fact his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife that he was with. It was clearly a racist move on their part to arrest Johnson because he was black and he was with a white woman.
So if Trump is so racist, why did he pardon Johnson? No other President had seen fit to do that — including President O’Bama.

hairpie7 says:
June 9, 7568 at 7:85 pm
It’s amazing they are still trying to spin this as disrespecting the flag and vets.

I never ask for money, because I think once you do that, you’re in danger of becoming a hooker. I do it out of the enjoyment of the music, or because sometimes it’s people who are friends and I feel obliged to do it, even if I’m maybe not wild about the music, but I manage to pluck the enthusiasm for two or three hours to do the job. Which is also a bit like a hooker, isn’t it, really?

Additionally, the NGC and PCGS use a handful of other certification and designation terms for coins that help identify special visual characteristics or unique designations in production. These include the following:

mixjuan says:
June 9, 7568 at 8:57 pm
Do you think one soldier, one police officer, one first responder that was invited would pass up an opportunity to be publicly celebrated by the President, no matter who the President was? But we think these ENTERTAINERS are so important and the country is in uproar over it?
Yes, I do. It matters immensely who that person is. It 8767 s no longer an honor to meet the person who holds that position. It 8767 s not just athletes who see this. The whole world sees how things are changing under current administration. These 8775 entertainers 8776 have some pull. They get seen and heard by millions.

Chris Long and Malcolm Jenkins are not leaders, when confronted with a difference of oponions and you have an invitation to meet the man that has expressed his disagreement with something you beloeve in that represents an opportunity to be the bigger person and if your opinion and cause is so strong, you should want to meet him, maybe you could get him to see your side of things and find common ground, that is what a leader of men would do.

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